Practical pantry design...

Our new kitchen is 12 x 9.

And it's a square that opens up to nothing but the door to get into the kitchen.  Saving grace is that there is a window, because I am a smidge claustrophobic.  The new kitchen is a far cry from our current one. The pantry in our current home is pretty huge- hence the name "super pantry".

The two double doors to the right are the pantry...
I want our next pantry to be a bit less cavern like.  I adore vintage items, but vintage cans and jars not so much.  Our current pantry is so deep (and tall) that I forget what is in the way, way back and tend to just grab from the front.

The solution...a narrow pantry that goes across the entire wall, only as deep as the length of a cereal box.  This way I can see what I have on hand and not have anything go to the back abyss.

via: atticmag.com
 Part of downsizing is going to be cutting out waste in every area of our spending.  I am guilty of stock piling the pantry in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  By being more mindful of what I purchase and keep on hand I can avoid the vintage pickle jar scenario.

I'd like to make a grocery store run every other day to encourage eating more fresh veggies and fruits-  more in keeping with the European style of doing that requires shopping each day, rather than one trip for the entire week.  So many times I would do the shopping, only to find that we didn't eat two or three of the meals I had planned for the week.   Then I would plan the next week, forgetting what I had left over, and it would just snowball out of control in the pantry.

So to recap:

  • grocery shop more often, but buy less each visit
  • check what is in the pantry to avoid buying it again
  • more fresh fruits/veggies instead of packaged goods
  • staples such as olive oil, chicken stock, garlic and rice on hand

Maybe a few cans, you know, in case the zombies show up ;)


  1. I agree completely with you. We have started going to the store several times a week just so we don't have the overload in the pantry. All to often we have ignored all the out of date cans in the back of the pantry. So wasteful. I like your idea of a more narrow pantry.

  2. Such wise and practical advice. Eating healthy does require shopping every other day because most fruits and vegetables don't last a week or more. We do waste so much food and that is not only a shame, but a crime. You have made me rethink how I want to plan my menus and shop. Thanks.

  3. I like your plan! I go to the grocery store every 3 days for fresh veggies and fruit, too. Pantry staples are an assortment of canned beans, broth, grains (pasta, rice), tuna and cans of Marzano whole tomatoes for making pasta sauce.

  4. I think this is your most brilliant idea yet... can't wait to see! You go, girl.
    Queen Creek, AZ

  5. Nice idea but I had going to the grocery store. Wanna go for me too? ;o) I'm just on the opposite end of town from you. Easy right? lol


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