Then and now...

I was going through some pictures of our last home...

I was into open shelving long before it was cool...

This house was such a departure from our last one.  Open concept and no windows in the front of the house.  The entire structure was a giant U that opened onto a courtyard...

We loved this house, but when our neighbors decided to open up a short haul trucking company out of their garage and there wasn't a thing the Homeowner's Association could would do about it- we moved.

This house was in pretty sad shape when we bought it, but we saw the potential.  We lived here for four years- one of the longest periods we had spent in a home.  Our current house is a brand new build, but we have changed a lot of it- as we do.  We have now been here 3 1/2 years and guess what?  Yesterday we threw around the idea of moving, and of all things- to a condo.

We go back and forth with this.  We move, gut/renovate/redecorate  then we leave.  I think that's equivalent to being the Mary Poppins of homeowners.  Both of us would have made an awesome military couple.

For now we will sit tight.  Moving is hard, we are getting older, and I think the kids would stage a mutiny.  But the thought is still there- some house in need of some love.  The possibility of bringing open kitchen shelving to a dark and cramped tiny kitchen...just a spoonful of sugar.


  1. I remember this house! It was so cute! :)

    1. We loved it and put a lot into it, but the trucking thing sent us over the edge!

  2. Your former house looks like it was just as wonderful! I think for gals like us who like to change things up always have a desire to move on to the next project to see what we can create.

  3. I am in the same boat.I love my house but I wish I could pick it up and move it! My area has changed so much and now we have so many people that rent.They never improve the property we are lucky if they maintain.

    1. That is beyond frustrating! It's one of the reasons we moved to a neighborhood with very tight deed restrictions, but the downside is paying 1000 a year in homeowner's dues!

  4. Good luck on whatever your decision you make. I think as we get older we all are looking to down size. It becomes to much to keep everything up the way you want it. I think I would like a townhouse better than a condo.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. what a beautiful house! too bad you were sort of forced to move because of neighbors, but your current home is amazing!

  6. Both are beautiful homes! I'm completely in love with your current home now. :-)
    Dh & I are in the beginning stages of moving to a condo in Las Vegas. We are born & raised Californians but our area is out of control. In the last year, it's become a mecca of massage places, medical marijuana shops & a hookah lounge. The crime is crazy now and we've decided now that we are empty nesters, we are outta here! Now to find a job in Vegas.....
    Boy would I love to see what changes you'd make to a condo, you inspire me with your home!

  7. Sometimes it is hard to stay put, when there is so many houses that need our love.



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