Organizing the pantry: then and now...

Our last house and a mini-room for a pantry.  It was originally a small bathroom off the kitchen, but it's location was much better suited as a pantry area...

This was our junk drawer.  I love cleaning out and organizing a junk drawer.  Hello perks of OCD...

I like an orderly utensil drawer too.  Ideally you only have enough "stuff" that everything you really use is laying flat and easily accessible.   I've acquired more cooking crap since moving into this house, so I really need to reevaluate what I really use and need versus what is simply taking up space in the drawers.

This was our last laundry room before the build out.  I used a metal shelf from Home Depot to organize my cleaning supplies on.

Life was simple, we didn't have as much "stuff".  I find that I am craving that again.  I feel a purging coming on...


  1. I think I need to spend a day purging my kitchen drawers. Wait...maybe my house..hmmm. Lol :)

    1. LOL! Me too, my kitchen drawers are organized, but not as sparse as in the old days ;)

  2. So nice to meet you. I am coming over from Marty's blog and am now following you.

    My heart has been warmed and inspired today reading about your family and home and DIY projects.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia