Dear Miley...

Dear Miley,

From a mom of a 16 year old who pretty much thinks you hung the moon, I want to thank you.  Yes, you read that right- thank you.

Anne attended a Hannah Montana concert back in the days when you were sporting your blonde wig and singing about having fun and being a part of the in crowd.  She was around eight or nine, and we laughed at how excited she was to see you on stage.

Us telling the girls they were going to see Hannah Montana...

Eight years later....you've changed a bit.  And that is totally okay, you are supposed to change as you grow up.  You are 20 and I find myself marveling at how you have found a way to use that amazing voice while changing up your image as an "adult artist" so uniquely.  I imagine if I had been in your situation, and everything I did during that "let's figure out who the hell I am as a grown up" phase had been documented and I'd had access to the stage as you do, well, it wouldn't have always been pretty.

You are growing as a woman, an artist- a person, and you are figuring it out.  I get that because as a mom of a 16 year old girl who is trying to do the exact same thing- it's just plain 'ol hard.  Just like yourself, Anne doesn't always get it right- and there are times where I have to correct her and she cannot even begin to see my reasoning.  And that's okay too, because right now she's not supposed to.

Last night you gave Anne one of her best memories as a teenager.  She stood in a sold-out stadium, wearing a shirt she made just for you to see, and sang right along with you about growing up and changing.  She could relate.   And for that I thank you.   Keep doing what you are doing.  I am confident that just like my own "little" girl you will go on to do amazing things, and just like all of us "grown ups" you will shake your head at some of the crazier things you did.  Just as it's supposed to be.


A Mom

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  1. Adorable!! So glad Anne had a great time. What a cutie!


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