Tell me about the day I was born...

No matter how old Sara gets her favourite story for me to tell her is about the day she was born.  If I say anything about her as a baby/young child she will ask, "How old was I?" and then follow that up with, "Tell me about the day I was born."

I've told the story so many times, and every time I recount that day she smiles and laughs as if it's the first time she's ever heard it.  Mind you, it's not a perfect birth story.  For starters I was alone during her delivery, and she was blue and non-responsive when she came out.  I was in a very abusive marriage, and the fact that I carried to near term was nothing short of a miracle.  I leave those parts out, and focus on the moment she arrived.  She will never know that the extra chromosome she carried was one of the main reasons I left her birth father- that she was the one who saved my life.  

This year Sara will be 22 years old, which seems crazy to me since we just celebrated turning 21...

For her birthday this year I sat down and wrote down the story of the day she was born.  I used Blurb.com  and I know it will be a hit with her.   It's so important that we know our story, the interactions, events, bits & pieces that make up our "who".  I always want Sara to know how very wanted and loved she was as a baby.  I didn't know Sara had Down Syndrome before she was born, but had I known it wouldn't have changed a thing for me.   22 years later she is still teaching me, and in so many ways still saving me.


  1. So precious. My heart warms when you talk about Sara.

  2. I enjoy looking at your blog. I came upon it the other day and was so enthused by your d├ęcor and as I scrolled through the pics , I noticed Sara. I also have a little boy who has DS, he will be 3 in April. he has given me so much more in my life, too. Happy 22 Sara!

    1. I love that! Little boys are so much fun. Two speeds: on or off, and age three is so fun!


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