Who rescued who?...

We have always adopted rescue dogs as our pets.  I am a big believer in giving a pet a second chance, showing them what a good life looks like, and providing a forever home.

Last May we decided to add another fur-baby to our family.   I was worried about how Jack would react, what if the dog wasn't good with kids, the extra vet costs, food, etc.

Yeah.  Like most things, I worried about stuff that turned out not to be much of an issue, because look at this face:

She came to us so scared and withdrawn.  She would run to the back bedroom if anyone showed up, and bury her head in the crook of our arms if we were holding her.

She wasn't potty trained.  A huge non negotiable for me, but after some time and training she got it- doggie door and all.

She chewed on things.  I tether trained her and reinforced her good behavior with praise.   (and lots of low fat cookies ;)

She didn't sleep through the night.  I could barely handle this with human babies.  Momma gets a little nutty without a solid eight hours of sleep.  But now she runs to her crate at night to be tucked in and has some chew bones for any busy work needed for middle of the night.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit rigid in how I want things in our home.  Being OCD doesn't help, but even beyond that I have some unrealistic expectations when it comes to kids and dogs.

Violet has helped me with that.  She taught me that it was okay to not be perfect.  That love would turn things around.  That a relationship had to have a level of trust established before it could move forward.  Most importantly, it was okay if there were a few chew marks in the baseboards.   Amazingly, the world would continue to spin.  

When you think about it, Violet has done a lot more to help me than I could ever do to help her.  She has proven to be much more flexible and willing to learn how to adapt - more than I could admit to being.  She trusts us and loves us unconditionally.  She no longer runs to the back room when someone comes into the house.  Instead she runs to them wagging her tail as if to say, "Hello!  Welcome!  This is my home and these are my people!  It's great, huh?"  She is like a different dog than the one who was introduced to us just eight months ago.

But then again, because of her,  I'm different now too.


  1. Isn't it amazing just what our pets teach us about love, patience, acceptance? I love my two little furball kitties and can't imagine my life without them. One day I hope to add a dog but that might push my hubby's acceptance level a bit! I'm so glad to see that your newest fur baby has brought you joy.

  2. Amazingly, they are the world. Even though stanley is gone and its just daisy myself and the boys, we like to say we learn something new from Daisy and still stanley in alot of ways every single day. It's no coincidence what dog spelled backwards is?

  3. What a sweet story! I have done the same with cats...I've taken in strays from our neighborhood....three pregnancies and then got all the litters 'fixed' and had their shots. They are the best, most loving pets. I think they know and appreciate that they were rescued! Your little dog is a sweetheart!

  4. Beautiful! We love our fur baby and she changed our lives, and yes she certainly rescued us and she has changed us, all for the good. She is pure love.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. She looks so sweet and cuddly. Glad it worked out for you and the family.

  6. Oh, how sweet. Yes I thought I would never have an inside dog. My daughter used to ask for one when she was a teen and I said no you can get all the dogs you want when you have your own place. Then she did get a yorkie and then I kept her for a week while they went out of town. I fell in love and wanted my own. We got Miss Bailey a few weeks later. Yes, we have chewed window sills and baseboard. Leather shoestrings were eaten and even some pills and she ended up in the ER two times eating things she shouldn't. Now she is my constant companion and little buddy and keeps things interesting around here. Your baby is so cute. I am so glad you found her and she found you.

  7. Ahhhhh, such a sweet post. Our pets can really teach us a lot can't they? Rescue dogs are the best. I have one as well.

  8. What a little cutie. I have two rescued dogs and I often wonder who had them and I know they were treated very badly. But, they are the most loving dogs and I do love them so much.
    So glad that Violet helped you too. They make the best dogs because now they know what love is and they give it back 100 times over.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. sounds like a love story. enjoy her!

  10. Wonderful story. I always believe a heart opens when it is warmed by an animal. ~Jeanette

  11. You're right, look at that face! There are few things that can compare to the love of a dog.

    I so miss my sweet granddog, and when the time is right we will certainly consider a rescue. I hope you have many years with your new best friend.

    Thank you for joining our blog hop Tricia! We are honored to have you!


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