A present...

My mom is crafty.  I joke that I am not, but the truth is that while I may lack in crafty talent, I definitely inherited the drive to make things.   Thankfully my mom steps now and then to keep me from killing myself with the glue gun.   Last week she made me one of these:

Glass builder block (I found mine at Lowes)
Drill bit for glass
Floral wire
hot glue gun
pine cones, greenery or whatever decorations you like
strand of lights

  • Drill a hole into the back of the block.  There is a line going around it, we just drilled ours on the line.
  • add your string of lights to the inside leaving the cord hanging out of the hole in the brick to plug in.
  • wrap your ribbon around the block like you would on a package.  
  • make a bow- we used burlap ribbon and it required some floral wire for the bow.
  • put your bow to the top- secure it with a bit of hot glue- be careful not to lose your fingerprints...
  • add your greenery, bits, bobbles, and such to the top- again with the glue gun...
  • plug it in and ENJOY your light up package :)

Have fun and be careful with that glue gun...

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  1. That is a really, really cute idea!!!! xo Diana

  2. Love this little project Patricia! Thanx for sharing at THT. Merry Christmas! Sure wish the warmer temps had not come our way.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia