Post Halloween Idea...

I found this idea on Pinterest, but was hesitant to try it because quite honestly, most of what I have attempted craft wise that was inspired by Pinterest has ended in tears and hot glue gun burns.

I saw this one well before Halloween and decided to give it a try, because sometimes I am just that delusional...

First you take toilet paper rolls.  We got lucky this past month with five people sharing one bathroom, there was no shortage of toilet paper rolls.

Then you draw some eyes on them...get creative, but remember you have to go back and cut those eyes out with a very sharp exacto knife...

Once you have cut out the eyes you just pop in a glow stick to illuminate it.  I found mine at the Dollar Store...

Then you sit back and see the spookiness...

Halloween night you put these little TP creatures into your bushes so it looks like eyes are staring out of them.

Via Pinterest
So start stocking up now.  Next Halloween is only a year away!


  1. Love this! Would you please link this up to my Friday Favorites at http://imnotatrophywife.com
    I'm going to create a new Halloween board and pin this for next year!!! Soooo cool!


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