Round Top Round Up...

My friend Lisa and I had a blast in Round Top this year.  She picked out the cutest cottage that sat in the middle of a cow pasture....so cows mooed us awake each morning and the views were just lovely.  I brought Anne with us, but I really don't think antique fairs are her "thing", but she was a good sport about it and we laughed a lot.

The view from our back porch overlooking the fishing pond

Our weekend cottage

NOT Charlotte....

Our haul home

Bucees Fudge... a must when traveling!
 Hands down my best treasure find was this old butcher scale.  Saturday evening we were driving around trying to find any dealers that were still open, and because of the rain many had closed shop....except for a lovely woman named Barb.  When I asked how much she was asking for the scale she said, "I am going to give you a deal on that one.  My husband passed away not too long ago, and I really don't want to have to lift and haul it again.  How about $100?"

I think I said, "SOLD!" before she finished getting the last part of the word dollars out of her mouth.


I had so much fun meeting new people, talking with dealers, sharing ideas and visions- Round Top is so much more than an antique fair, it is a celebration of creativity and likeminded people who come together each year to share and inspire.


  1. VERY COOL Butcher's scale! I loved your pictures on instagram this weekend! Glad you had fun and got some cool stuff!

  2. Love the scale - you really scored big on that. Sounds like a real fun weekend.

  3. Yes, score for SURE!!

  4. From the angles of several of those photos it seems that wine must have been part of the activities.

    1. It's my thing on Instagram....I seem to prefer slanted shots!!


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