Snapstagram Giveaway...

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I am pretty much addicted.

Just a smidge.

Okay, I'm very addicted.  Looking for a support group, but instead I found Snapstagram.

I love using Snapstagram to capture all of the fun things I see when out and about and for capturing quick impromptu moments with my kids.  I really find myself pulling out my DSLR less and less, and just reaching for my iPhone, using Instagram then printing my photos via Snapstagram.  They have everything from 4x4 prints, 8x8 canvas, and even accessories such as frames and photo books. Great gift ideas and I even use some of the prints as gift tags for presents.

Snapstagram contacted me a few weeks ago to offer a giveaway to my readers.  Not only did they offer y'all a giveaway, but after reading my blog the sweet woman who contacted me wrote:

Also, below is a promo code specifically for your son David (hope he has Instagram!). The story of him dropping out of High School was amazing, what an inspirational story & so innovative. We can call it a 
graduation gift!

Gotta love a company that is still small enough to care about people and be moved by their stories.  As if I wasn't a fan of Snapstagram before- they made me fall in love a little bit more with them after that.

So here is what they are offering:  Two promo codes (two winners!) to use for the 4x4 Snapstagram prints.  I have displayed these several ways around our cottage.  My favourite right now is sitting out in a bowl on the coffee table for guests to thumb through.  I've even had Hunter arrange them on the table like picture cards to tell a story.

Just leave a comment telling me & Snapstagram what capturing memories through pictures means to you.  That's it, that simple- and I will let Sara pick two numbers to choose the winners on Monday morning.


  1. oh my GOODNESS. I'm a recent instagram addict and I would LOVE to have some prints! I've been searching for a company that would print when I saw this on IG this morning; what an opportunity! Thanks!!

  2. Love the memories they create!! And we always have a camera these days!!

  3. Hi Tricia! I'm a fellow
    Happifier and blogger
    who just read your post
    on the Happify Facebook
    feed. I'm also an IG hound,
    although I've been a bit of
    a slacker {with a lot of social
    media} this summer. That
    said, I LOVE IG and the great
    snaps that I've posted and
    would absolutely adore having
    them printed out by Snapstagram.

    What does capturing memories
    through pics mean to me? I
    love to catch a routine moment,
    knowing that someday it will no
    longer be that "routine," anymore.
    It's a way of capturing what I'm
    grateful for ~ and I'm very grate-FULL,
    for a lot!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Suzanne

    PS: I feel like we've connected, before?

    1. Suzanne- Yes we have! I read your blog :) Lovely!!

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  5. Oh my...this giveaway sounds awesome! Our family loves to capture everything (1st day with our new granddog...we had 141 pics). When I am gone...I hope that all the pics that I left behind will be a blessing to my family (I'm the one that got the rest of my family hooked on the camera). A picture says it all!


  6. Too late for a give away I'm sure but I love capturing our family gatherings and our pets. I love looking at old photos of family that I've never met. It's my way of preserving history our history. I started taking pictures in the 4th grade and wish now I had taken more to look back on some of those school days and moments.
    Or just taking pictures of something that captures my attention because of it's uniqueness or it's beauty so I can share with others.
    Pictures tell stories whether I do them or the story justice it makes me happy.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia