Summer time...

Seriously, I have been running full throttle all summer long.  I am counting down the days till our trip to Australia.  Cannot wait to be free of my day planner for ten whole days!

I've been doing design consults, painting projects, room renovations, working on my Happify, and we moved my little workshop up to the front of the store.  Customer orders are coming in and I am having to really juggle to get it all finished.

We have been doing some "de-schooling" this summer, but lots of field trips and unstructured learning has happened. I'm very happy to see the love of learning returning to our home.

Unwoven light exhibit at Rice University...

The start of another school year is upon us, so I have been pulling together curriculum, buying museum passes, and doing some planning for the upcoming school year.  I am loving that the thrill of teaching is coming back to me, and I am excited to see what this year will bring for the boys.

I never get tired of sitting on the back porch enjoying our sunsets...

This week I need to do Anne's school shopping, since she will be leaving for camp and then coming home only to leave for Australia.  So much to do!

How are you spending your last few weeks of summer?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I loved those back-to-school moments! xo Diana

  2. Can't believe August and back to school are approaching. I am enjoying the cool weather we are having. Also looking forward to my son and his family moving back here from Colorado in one week. SOOOO happy.
    Have fun getting everyone and yourself ready for school.

    1. How exciting!! I so wish we had cooler weather to mark the change of seasons.....it's Texas, and we just have hot, hotter, and hottest!

  3. wonderful pictures and would be out watching that sunset every night myself!!!

  4. Finishing up the kitchen, aiming toward our granddaughter coming down for a few weeks for her annual August pool party. (Invites went out today)


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