Exterior upgrades...

I'm pretty predictable when it comes to how my train of thought runs through projects.  The library is just in it's infancy stages of completion and I am already plotting the next project.


So here is my thinking.  I love our exterior- it's small but the stone gives it a bit of drama.  I love that we painted our porch ceilings blue to keep the bugs off of it.  We changed up our landscaping a few years ago, and I think that really beefed up the front, but it still needs a little something.

Landscaping before...

landscaping when it was first done...
Landscape today...

I'd love to add a pergola over the garage door similar to this one:

This is Melaine's garage door over at My Sweet Savannah...

Our exterior shutters are painted in SW Iron Ore...so maybe painting our garage the darker colour, or adding some fancy carriage doors like this:

I think a little face lift on the garage area would give our cottage a bit more curb appeal and architectural interest.

I've also thought about changing out the shutters to ones like these:

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  What do you think makes a big impact on curb appeal?

PS- Don't tell Travis I am already plotting the next project!


  1. thanks for including our garage! I did a post about that pergola if you want to check it out! Melaine

    1. LOL! I thought that was yours! I found it on Pinterest :)

  2. I like the pergola idea. Perhaps a dark paint on the garage doors would help, kind of match the darker window area of the porch. That big plain of dull color is kind of distracting. Hold off on a door change until you paint the current ones, try the same color as the shutters. (maybe accent the little square frames with a slightly (slightly) darker color to emphasize the texture?)

    1. Joe- That is a great idea, and I like painting the existing doors instead of running out and spending the $ on a new one!

  3. I like the pergola idea. Tried to sell this one to the Mr a few years ago... still waiting :-) I think may the darker paint on the garage door??
    Happy planning.
    Hugs, Gee

    1. Thanks! I agree- darker paint would look better :)

  4. We bought just the hardware for our garage doors and what a difference it made. They sell it at Lowes and Menards (we did have to special order it, but for less than $30 a garage door - WORTH IT :-)

    Enjoy ~ Karen

    1. I was just going to post the same idea - new garage doors are so expensive. The hardware makes them look new.

  5. I came over to visit your blog from Southern Hospitality. I'm loving your home and style, very inspiring. I'm now following you, and hope you will follow me back.

  6. I love the pergola idea,
    especially if you can train
    something wonderful to
    grow on it!

    Actually, all the ideas are
    wonderful ways to make
    your pretty home even more
    special. It's great to dream
    and plot and plan--makes
    life fun : )

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  7. Your exterior is as lovely as the interior tour I took. As an educator in Special Education for 23 years I am impressed with how you have included Sara in your work. I'm now following on GFC and Pinterest.

    1. I am Special Ed. certified as well! I taught public school for four years- and was always the teacher begging for more inclusion time :) Sara thrives in the shop and looks forward to finishing her pieces each day!

  8. I am traveling with my girls but ran across your blog today and knew I had to sign up to follow. I will be around (when I get home) to catch up on some of your older posts-LOVE your blog- -Diana

  9. If Travis is anything like my husband, he already suspects that another project is secretly in the works! LOL! I think the additions to your garage would be fantastic!


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