Chalk painting the garage fridge...

We keep a refrigerator in our garage, because with four kids we cannot possibly stock the milk we go through in a week in our kitchen fridge.  Well, unless we bought a cow and I am pretty sure there is a "no cow in yard" disclaimer in our homeowner's policy.  

Our garage fridge is a plain Jane sort of fridge.  Small, white, no ice maker- no frills.  

I know.  Ew.  Houston is known for it's humidity.  Also, mold.

She needed some frills. 

So I painted her.  

With chalkboard paint.  

This project took three coats of paint that I simply brushed on horizontally.  Then I 'conditioned' the chalk board by running a piece of chalk over it and then erased it.  

after the first coat of chalkboard paint...

painting the second coat...

conditioning the chalkboard...

To end up with this:  

Now I can leave a list up of what is actually in the fridge  :)

We decided to leave the handles off, since the fridge doors are usually grabbed on the sides and I wasn't 100% sure that even black spray paint would stay on the handles.  

She is much happier now sporting her chalk painted exterior.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard her humming a Beyonce song when I was leaving the garage...

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  1. That is such a good idea! We tend to put things in the fridge out there and totally forget. For example, yesterday my husband reminded me that there's a big bowl of potato salad leftover out there. It's two weeks old!!

  2. Nice idea - shopping list right on the fridge. Now you just have to remember to look at it when you go shopping.

  3. What a fun fridge!

    Have a great weekend



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