Planning a knock-off...

I hear the word "knock off" and I think bank robbery.  Seriously too many Smokey and the Bandit movies from the 70's or something...not sure if there even was a bank robbery in all that, but I can totally picture the oversized wedding dress and that black car.  Oh and Burt Reynold's mustache- because it took up most of the screen.

Anyway, we are planning a knock off of our own.  A headboard.  We are both loving the new arrangement of our room, but after spending a week or so with our pillows falling off the end of the bed onto the window sills (not seals like Travis calls them, to which I clap my flippers and make barking  sounds at him) we decided to attempt to build one our selves.

So picture this:

With the addition of this:

A few things will be a bit different/modified such as....not so high on the headboard.   Going up the actual measurements of this piece would almost completely block our little pond view.  I'd have to refer to it as 'the little cottage....oh the headboard', and since we have a sign and everything I'd rather not!

Things that will stay similar....the whitewash.  Lurve.  The bird- never been much of a bird person, but I am liking that little tweety perched above where my head would lay.  Unless it really poops, because then I will have to totally nix the bird.  

So there you have it.  Our big headboard DIY plans for a headboard.  I will keep you posted on our progress. (and Travis' grumbling/snarky comments because those are total entertainment fodder as well!)


  1. It's going to be beautiful, especially whitewashed! Your bedroom is really looking gorgeous!


  2. It will be beautiful. My husband is creative, but not with wood.

  3. Agree! It will be gorgeous!! I still have not hung my clock!

  4. Awesome! I have been loving that headboard since the first time I saw it. You'll do a great job.


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