I like to move it, move it...

I am Tricia, and I like to deccorange.

Seriously, I am someone who is constantly moving things, tweaking things, and fluffing things.  It is a very good thing that nobody in our family is vision impaired, well other than myself, because it could get dangerous really fast.

Like today.  Things moved.

More specifically, the big bertha chair moved.  From our bedroom...

To the living room.

At this point I began to feel a bit like Goldilocks.  Well, except that I am not a blonde and the idea of eating out of other's bowls makes my OCD go off the charts.  I had to admit though, that this chair is too big...

So I moved something else...

I moved the library cabinet out.  I think it may already be sold.  Then I repositioned big bertha.  And moved some wall art.  And stood back.

My inner Goldilocks was screaming, "This chair is still too big!"

Hmmm....she was right.  Okay, I need help here.  I'm not feeling it.  Is it the chair?  The art?  The planets not aligned correctly?  What?

We got the kids to bed and Travis went to take a shower.  I sat in the leather recliner and just stared at the corner.  Then I had an idea...

 This is my grandmothers writing desk.  It is tiny- like she was ;)  It is very special to me and for the past three years it has sat behind the sofa.

So I moved it.  Late last night.  At one point Travis just walked in the room, saw what I was doing, shook his head and went to bed.  I think I heard him say, "The bunny is loose again".

photo-bombed by the doxie!

So this is the corner of the living room as it sits today.  As in how it sits this morning....it may or may not make it the entire day.  My plan is to do some large frames with old black and white pictures of mine and Travis' grandparents going up the wall over the desk.

Yeah.  I didn't even make it through the morning.  I moved the desk.  A smidge.

This feels better to me.

Now to find a bit of art....going to shop the cottage ;)

Done.  For now ;)


  1. I think you nailed it, and that map? amazing

  2. Better at the end - the corner looked too empty, even with the big chair. Did that go back to the bedroom? And what's at the window now?

  3. All the moves paid off :-) Looks great. But I have a feeling you will be at it again soon. I know.. I am the same way.
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Wow!!! I do the EXACT same thing! LOL! Too funny! It all looks good to me, however you arrange it!

  5. That looks great! Love the big map. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who rearranges furniture late at night.

  6. WHERE did you get Big Bertha?! I want it (and it's matching twin!)

    1. It was a home goods did. I'm pretty sure Pottery Barn has a similar one😉


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