My work partner.....

Raising a child with special needs brings challenges all along the way that you couldn't possibly for see or plan for.  When Sara was little and we would talk about her future job my response was, "As long as it doesn't involve a paper hat."  I was adamant about her not working in a fast food restaurant, mostly because for me that would be a sort of hell.
As Sara grew older and we really started to look at what she enjoyed (which ironically enough is food- so the fast food job would not work simply because her weight would become a huge issue) we found that she liked animals and kids.  We tried the animal clinic/pet store, but there was not enough supervision and Sara is not a self starter when it comes to working.  We also tried having her work with kids.  My campus had a pre-school and the high school students run it with adult supervision.  I thought she would love it- not so much so.  She was content to sit by the kids and colour rather than lead them.
When I began my new job painting furniture I was working out of my garage.  One day she came out and asked if she could help.  I was sanding the top of a piece, so I put some protective ear-muffs on her and off she went.  Now she is my part time helper.  She attends school in the morning and then comes home at noon to work with me in our workshop.
I am often reminded in raising Sara that the pre-worrying I tend to do is for nothing.  It all fell into place just like it should have.


  1. Tricia what a beautiful post about your daughter! I think as moms we all worry about our children's futures and what they will be pursuing for work. What a magical moment for you and Sara! I hope I have a similar experience when my boys are older! xo

  2. That's so sweet and so true. If you were sorting snails out in the garage, she'd love it because she's with you. :)

  3. Praise God!!! What a sweet story!! and so true lets put our worries in Gods hands!!! loved this post!

  4. What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter - and it's wonderful that she's found something creative she loves to do! :)

  5. An assistant, so that you don't work alone - nice.


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