Making a piece fit...

Working in a resale shop has it's perks- and being the first to claim pieces as they come in from auction is one of them.

Doing it so quickly that you don't bother to take measurements first- well, that is a classic "me" move.

This thing is HUGE.  See the woven chair to the right of it?  That chair is huge....

Unless it's standing next to this piece....

It even makes the doors look little!

Now some of you may be looking at this picture and thinking, "It's so large- how did it fit through that door?".

It didn't.

At least not in one piece.  In fact, it only fit after being completely disassembled and then rebuilt in the room.

My husband has an amazing sense of humor.  This piece tested it.  I was told that if I wanted it moved out it would involve a chain saw.  Har, har...

One of the things I liked about this piece was the intricate carving and detail.  One of the things I didn't like about it?

The colour.

I'm a furniture painter.  Seeing naked wood gives me hives.  So I did the only thing I could do to make it:
a) shrink a bit in size


b) blend into the room

I opened up a can of ASCP in French Linen- my go to colour for my bedroom pieces.  It's gray, blue, beige- all depending on the light that hits it and the wood underneath it.

Oh, and I removed a piece of the carving from the top of the piece.  It had two eagles on it- scary, not my style- a little Alfred Hitchcock looking.

Which left me with a hole to fill...with my favourite thing- a monogram.

I still need to go in and give the monogram some highlights....and wax....and of course, some sanding/distressing.

So there you have it- how I took a not-so-me piece and made it an oh-so-me piece :)


  1. Oh - sorry, I usually like what you do, but that piece was so beautiful as it was. Sorry, it might not have fit your style but perhaps not everything must be made to conform.

  2. I love your armoire!! I love the color that you chose! I had one and had to let it go it did not fit through the door or window... and it didnt come apart.. It was so heavy made from Ash! I loved it!!! your piece is so beautiful!!

  3. That is really beautiful! Love your style in your home and on your blog!

  4. I guess you should have measured twice, moved once. Very nice piece. Your room must be enormous to have something that large not look big.

  5. You can really see just how large it is in the picture next to the door! Amazing. I love the naked wood, but your transformation is nice!

  6. Hi Tricia! Came to your blog through Thistlewood Farm. How did I not find you before !? What part of the coast are you in? We have friends and family in Rockport and Corpus. I'm in Castroville, just west of San Antonio. Gruene is also a fave spot for us.

    Had to write to you about this armoire. I received a piece very similar to this. For free! thought it would be good for storage of our winter jackets and blankets. But it's huge! Really overpowers the room it's in. And doesn't quite go with my other furniture, which is more simple farmhouse and not so fancy-schmancy.

    I think I could tone down the fanci-ness of it if I painted it. But I'm really having a hard time with that. My parents refinished furniture for many years and then my hubby and I did it after they quit. I grew to love natural wood and didn't want to see it covered with paint. Some of my favorite blogs are showing great makeovers with painted furniture and I'm so tempted.

    I'm glad I found you...will go look for a spot on your page where I can subscribe to receive your posts by email if you have one. I like reading blogs which are more local.

    oh! do you thrift or garden ? if you go to places around Corpus, please let me know about them. Hubby goes fishing in Rockport and if I go along I need something else to do. Thanks so much for anything you can share with me.


    1. Patty- Hi! and welcome :) I know Castroville well since I went to college in San Antonio. Lovely area!
      I love working with chalk paint. Annie Sloan has some lovely colours- take the plunge! Have not been to Corpus in years- might have to do some poking around... I do love to thrift! Gardening....not so much when it's super hot out!
      Yes, I do have a subscribe spot, and I try to post every day.

    2. We are in League City in between Galveston and Houston :)

  7. Great piece even if it is ginormous! Paris Grey is my go-to color...I may have to give French linen a try.

    1. Jean- Yes, it is a monster in size! I love French Linen, but have used Paris Grey as well- both are lovely colours!


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