Traditional Union Jack Dresser....

I had a client contact me to do two dressers using traditional Union Jack colours for her son.  The dad is from Ireland, so he wanted a bit of the UK to be represented in his son's room.

I used my own mix of chalk paint in white, red & blue, then went over the entire piece using a dark wax.  Then I distressed it and buffed it out with a fine steel wool.

G-d save the Queen ; o )

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  1. To the Queen! (different meaning here in Vegas)

  2. "'Union Jack' was officially acknowledged as an alternative name for the Union Flag by the Admiralty and Parliament in the early 20th century. The term 'jack' refers to the flag that is flown from the bowsprit of a ship, often denoting nationality."
    "Union Flag," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2005
    uk.encarta.msn.com © 1997-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

  3. Awesome! They look fantastic! The son is gonna love it.


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