The little cottage water closet...

Has anyone else heard of the term "headbanger" cabinet?  Not in a Wayne's world kinda way, but the cabinet that builders install over the toilet.

I'm not a big fan of these cabinets.  Or towel racks, but that is another post all-together.

So we tore it out.  And built shelves.  Open shelves.  To house stuff.  And things.  And I am happy with it.

The little water closet is so tiny that taking pictures of the new shelves was a bit tricky....

I used ASCP in Coco to paint the shelves.  The three baskets are from Homegoods.

Much better.
Mod Vintage Life


  1. Oh my gosh what a GREAT idea!!!! as soon as my husband comes home,I am showing him.. looks CLEAN and neat!!! I love it!!!!! maybe you can take a picture of your whole bathroom and email it to me.. looks like it's a corner ...

    1. Marissa- It is above the toilet area....going to try and use a different lens on the camera to shoot it. It is a much cleaner look!

  2. Boy, you put a lot of effort into even the smallest places. Nice work!


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