Blue...who knew?....

All my life I have been drawn to dark colours....black and red are my favs, but I never really was a fan of blue.  Turns out that I am sort of a fan of certain shades of blue.  I like a French blue that leans towards aqua blue, but not too blue, because you know- I don't really like blue.

When I explain this to my husband he gets a quizzical look like the dog does when I ask him "who's a good boy?"
"You mean there is a chance it's not me??"

But I digress.


I seem to really like it....certain shades of it....in small amounts....in our bedroom...

This is our bathroom....the cottage interior doors are all in the process of being painted in Graphite ASCP.

The sheets are from Target- love the little blue stripes....reminds me of ticking stripes.

Sort of grey/blues....

Have a wonderful weekend....January always feels like a great month to snuggle in and spend some quality family time in the cottage.


  1. Your home is so beautiful! I am the same way. I don't really like blue unless it is a very particular shade. :)

    1. I have avoided colour other than neutrals for years now....just starting to add a bit in.

  2. Your bedroom looks so cozy, love that wicker chair by the window.

    1. The chair is from Homegoods- scored it for less than $200 and it is HUGE! Love that store : o )


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