From mantel to headboard....

I love it when customers see the possibility in repurposing old pieces into something functional and beautiful.  I worked on a 9 ft by 5 ft mantel today- giving it a few coats of ASCP in Pure White, then clear waxing and heavily distressing it to bring out the shabby charm.  I can't wait to see it in it's new home!

I will ask for a picture once the customer gets it installed.  I am loving this idea and just might have to go hunting for a mantel of my own ; o )


  1. My MIL was a window treatment designer for JCP for many, many years. She always went to visit the homeowner after installation and took a photo of the finished work. Then, she'd get double prints and keep a photo for herself and send one to the homeowner in a thank you card.

  2. Tammom- That is a great idea! I will ask the homeowners if I could do just that : o )


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