Christmas pictures...

I tried to take Christmas pictures of my four children last night.  Does anyone know what the difference is between taking pictures of four toddlers and taking pictures of four teenagers?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  By the end of the "photo shoot" I needed a drink.  Or two.

We started out okay....I had this brilliant idea for Sara, David, Anne, Hunter & Jack to stand in front of the fireplace and whoever held Jack would also hold an ampersand.

Hunter is hidden behind the dog.....David has, well I don't even know what that look is, and Sara got stuck holding an ampersand....and???

Anne decided to strike a pose, David has a  look of "meh", Hunter is behind the dog and Sara is STILL holding an ampersand...
"& Sara"
Then we decided to take some pictures of the kids sitting on the floor....

This was after I yelled something about taking away all electronics if they didn't just look at the damned camera and smile.
The next series of shots were impromptu around the living room.  I thought if I couldn't get them to work together I would take pictures of them alone...

Pretty much every picture I have of Anne over the past two years has a double thumbs up going on in them.  It's like she is channeling The Fonz.

She cracks herself up....


Behind the sofa...

By eight o'clock I had just about given up.  We moved to the kitchen to get some shots around the island....

This is about the time I opened up a bottle of wine and called it a wrap.  I woke up this morning and downloaded the pictures to my computer.  Then I went on TinyPrints to order some cards.  At one point I asked Travis if I could just use the pictures of the families on the cards instead of my own. (kidding, sort of)  Then I decided on no picture, just Holiday Greetings and our names.  I did get some cute poses of Jack....maybe he will send out a picture card this year!

His eyes are not green.  I think he was just trying to get into the Christmas spirit ; o )


  1. This made me laugh out loud and brought back some memories. Only two kids, but same deal. Usually ends in tears at our house. Always looks like it was so fun to take the picture...not. Jack is cute in every single one!!!! Even with the frustration your family looks great and seems like a lot of fun! Ching ching!

  2. I still think you should have used one of the kids, so everybody could enjoy them like you do. It is the way they are.

  3. Joe- I decided to include one with the Christmas letter ; o ) You are right0 it is SO them!

  4. How old is Jack? We had a dachshund named Molly. She lived to be 16 spirited years old. :)

    1. Jack is eight. We adore our doxie! I had a friend who's doxie Strawberry lived to be 17!


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