Christmas Mantel...

I have never been much for decorating our mantel.  I have a huge clock and two topiaries and that is pretty much it.....throw in some stockings at Christmas and it's decked out for the holidays.  I always admire other people's decorated mantels- I just never knew what to do with mine.  Then I met Lisa.

 Always being the one being asked to do decorating for others, I was super excited when Lisa offered to do our mantel for the holidays.  I was a bit nervous about it since I am not the traditional red/green Christmasy kind of girl.  I like decorations that look a bit more natural.  Turns out I was nervous for no reason- she picked up on my style immediately and nailed it.

Putting up the center piece...


I adore this lantern...and the gifts....and the bows....

Lisa wanted to add some height, so she incorporated  the branches

She brought everything she needed to install. all I had to do was snap pictures!

Jack tried to help.  And by "help" I mean "ate garland"

Here is the mantel all decorated up and decked out for the holidays!

I even got inspired to add a little of Lisa's inspiration to my front porch : o )
If you are interested in Lisa's work and would love some beautiful florals for your home, you can contact her at lisa.paul@comcast.net.  She is such a sweet person and SO talented- I loved working with her!

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  1. So, are the mantle pictures pre-Jack's help? Does he have nice minty breath now after the pine? Green piles around the back yard today?
    It is pretty.

  2. Joe- Thank you, we are loving it : O ) Jack tried to eat the birds nest branches before the garlands went up. Stubborn German Dog!

  3. You worked hard, and it looks terrific and merry!

    hugs x

  4. Wow! At first I was wondering about the garland, but then the stockings were hung and it came together! It looks great! Thank you so much for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  5. You've done a beautiful job with your mantle. It looks like it should be in a catalog. :) Megan

  6. Gorgeous! It looks like something from a magazine. I am featuring you today. Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches :)

  7. Gorgeous! It looks like something from a magazine. I am featuring you today. Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches :)

  8. Thank you Nicole! I am super excited : o )

  9. Very pretty! I love it that Jack helped....by eating the garland. That's how my weenies help too. They especially lend a hand when I am gardening by digging up everything I plant right behind me. I'll turn around and they've dug up my flowers and look so proud of themselves.

  10. Nita- That is too cute! I read your blog all the time- I love your sweet doxies : o )


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