My dad owns a 38 foot troller boat.  Many weekends were spent in the gulf on that boat, but it has been sitting in dock for quite some time.

Until today.  Yesterday Travis went down to help my dad replace some parts and do a little work in the engine room.  So today we took her out for a trip around the lake.  I thought y'all might want to see what my neck of the coast looks like....


  1. Wow, some big boats (and houses) there. The amusement park also - with quite a roller coaster. I can just see you guys on the boat in the warm summer sunshine, too bad you waited until fall.

  2. So Cool thanks for the tour !

  3. That was grandma Iowa's comment.
    I LOVE your posts !:)

  4. I've always wanted to buy a fixer-upper in Clear Lake Shores. Love that neighborhood!


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