Taking a rest...

I found this on Kristin's blog Domestically Unemployed.  She does a Monday motivation post each week, and I'm sure she has no idea how much it has spoken to me over the past few weeks.  

Long story short, I suck at taking care of myself.  I am having some complications with my health that have been going on for a long time while I was busy working- so I ignored it.

Until I couldn't ignore it anymore.  Not smart.  I know.  

I finally got in to see a specialist last week and it looks like my October and November are going to be booked solid with tests, procedures, surgery and such.  Yay for "fall".  (so aptly named!)

I need to rest.  I need to exercise and my doctor even recommended yoga.  At least that would give me an excuse to wear those comfy yoga pants ; o )

I will keep blogging simply because I find it relaxing and therapeutic to post.  

Take care of yourself- your health really is everything.


  1. I'll be praying that all goes well for you. Rest is good. Take it more often.

  2. Wow, so sorry to hear you're having health problems. :(

    Just wanted to let you know that voting has started for the Before and After grand prize. Make sure you go and vote for your project and tell your readers about it too. GOOD LUCK!


  3. You can lie in bed and still blog. Get some rest

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon! Rest and take care of yourself!



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