Night of the Zombies...

Halloween was always one of my favourite holidays.  My mother would go above and beyond on our costumes.  I remember being an Indian princess, baton twirler, cheerleader- all with accessories and shoes.  Because really every girl should own a pair of majorette boots at some point in her life.

When I became a mom I carried on with the  same enthusiasm that my mother had with us.  Sara's first Halloween she had four different costumes.  That night was like a Cher concert.  Once I had four kids I kept it to one costume per kid.  I loved to coordinate the kids.  Raggedy Anne and Andy, 50's boy & girl....then they grew up and got their own ideas about costumes.

This year?  Well, anyone who knows us knows that we are HUGE fans of the show The Walking Dead.  Hence the tab for our Dead & Dinner documentation.  Sundays are all about zombies in our house, so it was no surprise when Anne and her friends decided to zombify themselves.

Peace, love & zombies

I'm pretty sure they learned how to do this on Pinterest...

My two non-zombies.  Officer Hunter and Becky (sara) from Glee

And last but not least, Jack.  The Ghost.  The Halloweiner.....

Jack says, "Boo".  Also, "Give me cookie or I will haunt you."
Happy Halloween Y'all!


  1. Did Jack go trick n treating too? He doesn't look too happy in there, though everyone else sure does. (happy zombies?)

  2. Joe- Nope, Jack stayed home with me and passed out cookies. He was most definitely not happy with this year's costume. He has been a hotdog in years past and liked that one better.

  3. I was stressed out reading this post. I hope they didn't get any of that fake blood on your beautiful house!!!

  4. Ha, I thought the same as Grandys, I couldn't believe you allowed them in the house...yikes. I just started watching TWD, and let me tell you, that's some scary show, I have yet to start watching the current season, just because I needed to clear my head from all the zombie/end of the world thing. Do you live in Kemah? I used to live in Frindswood a couple of years ago, and we would take a half day trip o Kemah every once in a while.

  5. Kristel- We are right next to Kemah in League City. We LOVE our Walking Dead....we even make a dinner date out of it- Dead & Dinner on Sunday nights : o ) Are you still in the area?


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