Garage hair...

I have four children, three of whom are teenagers.  It's no walk in the park and certainly not a job for the faint of heart.  But I digress...

My oldest son is musically gifted.  Truly the kid plays guitar, percussion, piano and sings all while making it look effortless.  It would be the normal assumption that he would be in a band.  In our garage.  He's not.  Instead he plays in his room or out on the back patio.  My husband jokes that it's like living in a coffee house between David on the guitar and Anne chiming in on the ukulele. Again, digressing...

This brings me to Anne.  Artistic, creative, bold in her style, and confident.  She listens to Indie bands, scream-o music (payback to my parents for the years I was a Metallica fan.  Which lately I have heard as elevator music.  Seriously.)  She is interested in hair.  More specifically, she is interested in her hair.  Anne goes to a local salon every Wednesday night as an intern of sorts to sit and watch cut and colour experts teach their craft.  We love that she is interested in cosmetology and are supportive of her in any endeavor she goes after, so the Wednesday night classes have gone on now for over a year.   Colouring her hair is probably her favourite activity, and by age 12 her trips to the toy store were replaced by trips to the beauty supply store.

Which brings me back to the garage.  Her salon of sorts.  Drop cloth, mixing bowl, applicator brush, hair dye, and developer.  Throw in a friend and she is set.  Here is what she created yesterday:

I was skeptical.

But I have to admit that I was wrong this time.  It looks good on her- suits her personality.

No garage band, just garage hair.


  1. It does look pretty good on her. Has she done blue yet?

  2. Joe- Oh yes, we were blue this past summer ;o )

  3. Wow I love it! Seriously talented!

  4. Thanks Kristin! She cuts her own hair too : o )

  5. Hair indeed looks good on her. She's got the spunk to pull it off.

    You should encourage David to play with other musicians. I've become a far better player as a result of working with other musicians than I would have on my own. My style is very different now that it was just a few years ago. Ok, not DIFFERENT, but much more varied.

    Good luck with the teenagers. Having 2 of my own, I can empathize.


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