Our library...

  The next room up for a redo in the cottage is our little library.  Little is not an understatement....the room is tiny.

  Originally it was supposed to be a formal dining room that connected to the kitchen.

  But we are a far from formal family.  (how is that for alliteration?)

  So we closed up the side wall that connected to the kitchen and added French doors off the entry way to create a cottage library.

  Have I ever mentioned that I own a lot of books?  I collect books the way some women collect shoes.

  Shout out to Amazon ; o )

  So before we embark on our rebuild that will include floor to ceiling bookcases, a built in desk and a library ladder, here are a few of my favourite things that will remain in the libary....

My aunt sold me this settee when I was in my early 20's.  It was covered in a hideous pink velvet material that was in good condition.  I understand that removing it lowered the value of the piece, but nowhere in my decorating past/present/future was pink velvet going to fit in.  So I covered it using an old cream coloured matelasse spread.  Love.

Unfortunately for the cream coloured matelasse the dog is in love with it as well.  The pillows were placed as a deterrent to him jumping up....hasn't worked.  Turns out Jack loves pillows more than I do.

This is my "desk".  It's actually an antique sewing table that I picked up at a garage sale many years ago. The chair is from the yacht club we belonged to when I was a kid.  My talented cousin sewed a beautiful slip for it to hide the red/blue/gold nautical material underneath.

The bulletin board was built by my handy hubby and inspired by PB (way overpriced in my opinion!)

On it are a few very special things....I add stuff....take stuff down...really depends on my mood!

These shears belonged to my grandfather.  He used them in his pharmacy.

This photo was taken the night Travis & I were engaged.  I look like a vampire.

Anne writes a letter to herself every few years with instructions not to open it until.....I love that she does this!
A few more of my favourite things.....

My dad gave me this radio.  I can tune into radio stations in France, Germany and England.

This is my dad's marine platoon photo, and Shirley Temple photo from MGM in the 30's from my grandmother.  In the back is my grandfather's diploma from pharmacy school in 1926.

This is my grandfather's high school graduating class picture from 1921.  Paterson High in Paterson, NJ

The brushes belonged to my dad's father- he was a bridge painter.  My dad started out as a painter too : o )
The original bookshelves were built by Travis for our old house.  We have used them here, but they are busting at the seams.  I would show you what's behind the curtain, but you might question my sanity once you saw how many books are crammed in there!

So that is our library tour.....one last look before Travis works his magic on this space : o )


  1. Lovely stuff! I LOVE those shears that were your grandpas! If you've been by my blog you know I love scissors!
    My hubby's name is Travis too! And he's great with projects too :)

  2. Jill- Love it! Birds of a feather ; o ) I have a thing for scissors and paint brushes. Oh who am I kidding? I have a thing for anything vintage! Thank you so much for stopping by .

  3. How neat to have a library! I love books.


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