Give me a sign...

I am a sucker for signs.

Especially ones that look old, chippy or vintage...

Sadly, to purchase a truly old sign is often way out of my comfort zone budget...

So I find new signs that look vintage and they make me happy.

Like this one:

This Bakery sign was created by Nikki of Grand Design  and she did a fantastic job of capturing that vintage look I love.

I also added this vintage sign from The Polished Pebble to place over the microwave.  It is authentic and I love the weathered paint on it.  Plus it's an advertisement for a painting company which just speaks to my inner painter ; o )

Do you have signs in your home?  If so, what kind?


  1. Love your signs and you kitchen. The corner self with all the white pottery is so cute! I don't really have any many signs right now though. Just one small red sign that says Cuisine over my pantry. :( I think if I Cricut I'd wild with the vinyl words/sayings!

  2. Karen- Thank you so much! If I had a Cricut we would be in some serious label/sign trouble!!


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