Pendant lights....

We have canned (blech) lighting in our kitchen.  Not a fan.  Reminds me of mini-potholes on the ceilings, so I am thinking of changing out the one over the sink to one of these:

This little bar area is where the sink is : o )  I'd much rather see this copper lovely hanging down!


  1. Good morning! Love your site! I am in the midst of painting kitchen cabinets and having little success. Sanded, primed, and rolled on an OIL based paint. Ugh...my husband used a roller a little "napier" than what we should have so the finish isn't good...too much texture. I attempted to "brush" a second coat on w/little success in making them look better. Now I'm considering starting over with chalkpaint (homemade!). I love the ease of this paint...WAY easier than oil based. It's very forgiving! BUT, can I use it over oil based paint?? How are your cupboards holding up with chalkpaint? I would used a good wax (Annie Sloan) but I just can't justify spending that kind of money for paint. Help!

  2. I have found that chalk paint will adhere and cover almost ANYTHING. You can purchase a soft wax at any home improvement or paint store. Does not need to be AS brand : o ) Our cabinets are holding up great- no problems at all. If there are you can do a quick touch up and it blends right in.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia