Curtain call...

One of the things I really dislike in our house are the closet doors.  I never could understand why builders wouldn't do pocket doors in smaller homes instead of full on double swing out closet doors.  Waste. Of. Space.

Anne's room is tiny and not perfectly square- so arrangements are tight.  We decided the first decorating go-round to remove the closet doors and put up a shell/window/beachy thing:

They held up well and she did a fairly good job of keeping her closet tidy.  When we decided to re-do the room I didn't want to put those doors back up and the shells were out....so we opted to put curtains up with the same fence-post hardware that we used in the rest of our house:

Three days home from camp and her room still looks like this!:

Our next project is going to be the library.  Well, after Travis gets his garage organized/sorted out ; o )


  1. Nice choice. Great way to "hide" the closet and be decorative at the same time.

    You're going to let Travis organize something? Will it be done to your satisfaction or are you just planning on not looking at it?

  2. Vince- Haha! Yes, he can organize the garage. Mostly because I have no idea what half the stuff out there is for....I'm a "girl" ; o )

  3. Wow! We have the same room with the same closet! I've been trying to get my daughter to lets hang a curtain and get rid of those doors! Love the idea! Now, how to get her to think she came up with it Ha ha! (She's a teenager) yep.

  4. Very nice idea. And impressive that she is keeping it so neat (so far)


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