Around the Cottage...

Spent a whirlwind morning cleaning and doing laundry.  Thought I would share a few pictures from around the cottage with you.

Typesetter letters from Layla Grace.  Lurve ; o )

Covered the cushion with a drop-cloth on this big wicker chair in our bedroom. 

I am still smitten when I look into our kitchen and see these open shelves!

Love how the Watchmaker's cabinet looks now with the rest of the house!
 Low key weekend for me, but next week is looking busy.  Travis is working some overtime, big sister from NJ is coming into town Sunday night, and Anne has high school registration/orientation Tuesday.  Also tutoring time for me, kids back to school clothes shopping and haircuts to do!  Then I start back to school on the 20th for a professional development week.  I am the permanent substitute for the first 9 weeks at my old school....after that who knows what I'll be doing!  : o )

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