A new phase....

This is our daughter Anne:

She is a bit of a free spirit- always has been.  Comfortable in her own skin and accepting of others no matter what.  She is bright, responsible, witty and kind.  Turning fourteen she has started to stretch out a bit and expresses herself with clothes, make up, piercings, hair colour- and I am okay with that.  I want her to have her own sense of style.  And she does ; o )

While she is away at camp this week we are going to do a mini-redo on her room.  Gone are the shell pink walls, seahorses and Pottery Barn beach bedding.....in with Iron Ore black walls, aqua blue ceiling & modern bedding.  A little more hip, high-schoolish, and her.

Stay tuned for updates this week....


  1. Gotta love her name <3 .I agree you have to be who you are!Can't wait to see what you come up with for her room.Have fund!

  2. Thanks Anne- she is very much her own person, not afraid to be a little different. The room with have black, blue, white, and some green.....a bit of gold accent in their as well!

  3. I got so much grief when I let Brittney do her hair blue and I was like why fight it its what she wants to express and if I said no it would be the only thing in the world she wanted and she would want to rebel. I have been looking hard at doing some home projects with chalk paint you have inspired me...but I dont know how they will turn out.

  4. Kel- I understand : o ) We have four kids, four very different kiddos, and I really want them to be able to express themselves to a point. Like you, I figured if I let her do a few of the things she wanted (belly, nose piercing, hair) then she would feel like she had that in her life. So far she's kept her nose clean so to speak ; o ) Dip into the chalk paint! It's fun and fairly fool proof! Just email me if you have any questions.

  5. It's good to help your kid express themselves and show its ok to be different. I encourage that with my boys up to a point. How you look on the outside is not as important as what kind of person you are inside. While I'd go for a room update, not sure if I'd let my kid go with black walls. That's just a little to "dark" for me.

  6. Nce of you to be so open and accepting


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