We knew when we bought our home that it was not custom, that the quality was more in the track home catagory, that a lot of the "stock" items would not be top of the line.  We also knew that we bought what we could afford.  We were told by the builder when we closed on our house that aluminum windows will sweat "some" in the colder months.  Our windows sweat like a 300 pound man in Houston during August.  It's ugly.  In our climate, humidity + water = mold.  Period.
This is what our 7 month old home's windows now look like.  The sailcloth canvas blinds have soaked up some of that water and are now badly stained.  Ruined.
I am trying to stay objective.  I realize that in the grand scheme of things this is not very important.  They are windows and drywall- not anything to get twisted up over, but it's our home.  The home we worked hard to be able to afford.  The home we have put our creativity into by designing, building and decorating our spaces.
The initial phone call/warranty request resulted in a curt phone call restating that aluminum windows sweat and they told us that when we closed on the house.  Then after posting the pictures on Facebook we received a call from the sales manager and the builder- they are coming out Monday to look at the windows.
Who knew social networking could get results?

*UPDATE: Taylor Morrison sent the window company out.  Basically this is what these windows do, although two do need to be replaced and the window guy fussed at the construction manager for not knowing enough about the product and how to inspect the windows.  The painter made the recommendation that we paint the insides of the sills with Satin paint to better seal the drywall, but the bottom line is that these windows will sweat every winter.  I guess an investment in towels will have to be made before our next cold snap.


  1. Glad the sales manager responded. Wish you the best of luck in fixing that up :)

  2. i like your blog, its very....natural!!!
    a kiss from Spain:)

  3. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. Too many people back down, which is what these people count on. Sweating or no, a house that new should not have that kind of damage.

  4. Let us know what he does.
    PS - no problems with aluminum windows here in Vegas.


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