To sleep or not to sleep...

Travis has sleep issues, and when I say "sleep issues" I mean that he is prone to falling asleep just about anywhere. Stop lights, restaurants, movie theaters, my parents sofa after dinner (or before dinner), church services, the shower.

He's been for sleep studies, and yes, it's sleep apnea. Next Monday he goes to pick up his machine to wear while he sleeps. He pretty much stops breathing 10-15 times per hour, so the next morning he's wiped out since REM sleep is never achieved.

I'm hoping that the machine will allow him to finally get some real sleep, because I'm really looking forward to having a live date when we go out instead of hanging out with Bernie.


  1. I will be interested to hear how it works for him. I'm more than a little suspicious that my man has that too, not to the extent that he falls asleep at stoplights, but he's always tired.

  2. I'll keep you posted Jammie. I'm hoping this is the answer!!

  3. I used one for a while, after getting used to the noise (not much) I did get some good sleep.


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