I *heart* Emma...

So Travis did really well in the romance department this year. I woke up yesterday to a bottle on the bathroom vanity. Not full of wine, but filled with one of Shakespeare's sonnets and inscribed on the outside with the definition of anniversary. Oh, and a key to my heart keychain. Then when he came home he gave me my other presents: Emma Bridgewater pottery!! I love the clock* and I had never seen one like it before. He also gave me a Emma Bridgewater photo box. Then we went out to dinner and ate the world's largest prawns. I kept saying over and over again that I wished I had brought my camera. Seriously, these were Texas sized prawns that you could have thrown a saddle on and ridden off into the sunset. Then steaks...mmmm, rare, yummy steaks. Dessert was a peaches & cream with gelato combo that almost had me licking the bowl.

Thank you Travis- that was a perfect anniversary night out : )

*picture of me with the clock: Yes, I am in my bra. No, I am not wearing my glasses, so you can see how cross-eyed I am without them!

PS- I am off to South Carolina today to visit Dr.Sister and the two other spoiled rotten weinies in our family. Be back next Tuesday!


  1. Happy anniversary guys!! Have a safe and fun filled trip. PS...I thought it was a tank top, not your bra! You kill me sistah! *smooch*

  2. Nice moves Travis! I'll have to remember some of that for my next anniversary!

    Glad you guys had such a nice time. Enjoy your "vacation".

  3. Good job, Travis!!

    Hope you have a great trip. :)

  4. Something makes me think he's doing pretty well too.

  5. Yay, Travis!
    Sounds like you had the best anniversary. :)

    And, please share where you found the delicious prawns! Mmmm...

    BTW, I am running the Kemah Bridge on Sunday! Holy sugar! (I'm skeered!)

  6. I thought it was a tank top too, goof.

    Great stuff, Travis.


  7. You weren't wearing glasses? Didn't even notice... :P

    Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you two are doing so well.


  8. Happy Anniversary....

    in our local department store they sell Emma Bridgwater stationery ...

    I'm not a pusher, I'm an enabler...



  9. Happy Anniversary... a couple days late. Sooo, then, what is left for the birthday?

    Oh, you're in my time zone now and its already your birthday!


  10. Happy Birthday, Friend!!!!!

    (Sorry I am a couple of hours late. But, I just ran the heck out of the Kemah Bridge!)

  11. happy birthday too how did i miss that


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