I have a lot of things around my home that are special to me. Things that my mother has given me, or things that both my grandmothers left me.

*The picture of the boy and the girl hugging at the beach. Picked this up at Steinmart for a steal. I love it in my entryway, and it makes me smile everytime I look at it. I was with my Mom when I bought it on one of our many shopping outings together. She is my favourite shopping partner.

*Molasses Man. This little guy was in my Grandma Myers' kitchen always. We used to joke that somewhere out there was a Molasses Woman. When my Grandmother passed away this was one of the few things I asked for. Other family members were more interested in television sets and their electronics, but I really wanted Molasses Man. He now sits in my kitchen.

*Shirley Temple. I worship her y'all. This is a MGM released photo that my Grandmother receieved when she had written to the studio back in the 1930's. I cherish this photo, and Kristin can attest to the fact that when we evacuated for one of our many hurricanes I brought this picture with me. It's that special to me.

*The locker basket. This is just like the one we used to use in gym back when I was in high school. I hated gym, and really that is the understatement of the millinium. I skipped every chance I got, so much so that the gym teacher made a deal with me. She would allow me to stay in the locker room and fold towels the entire period if I would just come to class. I did, and I loved it. I was happy as a clam at high tide just to sit there for an hour and fold those towels. (And yes, above the basket is Jack's back pack. I am not joking when I say "spoiled rotten wienie dog)

*My kid's sculptures. Each of these pieces was made with love, well except for the devil mask with the horns. David just made that to freak out his ultra-conservative Montessori teacher when he was about 8 years old. Sara likes to make bowls, and Anne knows me best- Two margarita glasses! Keep art alive...aka give mom an excuse to drink!

*My Grandma Myers' iron. This was one of the iron's my grandmother used daily. She had two of these, and both served as door-stops at her house. It's mine now, and sits in my laundry room as a reminder to me not to complain about doing laundry- it could be worse. I could be heating that old iron up over a fire.

*Two monogrammed glasses "G". These belonged to my Grandma Gross. I will do an entire post on her one day soon since to me she was the epitomy of style. She was big into monogramming way back before it was popular. She also used bold colours in her home, something that wasn't being done at that time. She both terrified me and amazed me when I was a kid. My last name begins with a G as well, so these are now mine. Cheers!

*Picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Myers fishing in the keys. My grandparents lived in the Florida keys, so I spent quite a bit of time there as a child. Between visiting them and living in Puerto Rico growing up I just thought everyone had breathtaking views of the ocean. It never occured to me that people lived where there wasn't an ocean. My Grandma Myers was such a contrast to my Grandma Gross. Kind of like the city mouse and the country mouse. The other picture is of David and Sara when I was pregnant with Annie. They are making watermelon cookies, and Sara is "helping" by stealing chocolate chips over David's shoulder. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was in marriage #2 and I knew that shortly after I gave birth I would be leaving. That picture reminds me that life is too short to be miserable.

*Wire starfish. These are from Art & Artifact, and they were one of my first "coastal" purchases. They hang in my kitchen and I love them.

*The island. My mom gave me this for my 29th birthday when my second marriage was falling apart. I lugged it to my new apartment when I finally got out of that marriage. It's been repainted, and right now doesn't even serve as an island, but it's a piece of furniture I will never get rid of.

So there you have it- a few of my treasures.

What one thing do you own that has significance to you and why?


  1. I have a handmade oak trunk that my host father made me. It has a tree on it and the US and German flags on the top with my name.

    It suffered a lot of smoke damage from the fire and they encouraged me to trash it. I told them to ionize it. My host father even offered to make me a new one, but I wanted the original, even in less than perfect shape.

  2. OH, more pictures to post. I'll have to search around for some things.

  3. I tried to post pics but I have a toy that I played with when I was a little girl, that I still have. I also have my girls shadow boxes that were made after they were born and alot of Wizard of Oz things such as a picture signed by the Mayor of Munchin City. Will post the picson my blog soon!

  4. You better hustle on over, sister!!

  5. It was great talking to you today! I guess it's sort of cliche but my wedding ring is my most treasured item. If something happened to it....*shiver* I don't want to think about it.

  6. found you! OK, I think the short list for me would include the millennium Wedgwood set I have. When we first moved to Houston, we were broke broke, real broke. And I used to see these sets at Dillard's, one a year, $100 for 2 cups and 2 saucers. Never could afford them. Wedgwood stopped making them in 2001. Few years later, careers established I found the entire 16pc set for sale on Ebay $136AUS. I love them, they remind me of how far we've come over the years.

  7. Hoppers- Awww, I love that story!


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