Teacher's Gifts...

I was overwhelmed with the teacher gifts that I received last week from some of my students. Kids whose parents do not have much to spare in the way of finances brought me Starbucks cards, Barnes & Nobles cards, James Avery cards...yes, they grew to know me well.
So this week it was my turn to thank the teachers and therapists who help my children on a daily basis without much thanks in return. Since I have over ten teachers/aides/therapists alone for Sara I get creative on a budget.

For the teachers & Therapists: Mugs from World Market $4.90
Starbucks Card: $20.00
Crinkle paper, brown bag & bow: free

For the aides: Pencil bouquets and attached note of thanks. (I got this idea from My Sweet Savannah)

Bus drivers: Homemade blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies : )

Even if your budget does not allow for end of year teacher gifts, be sure to have your child draw a picture, or better yet write a letter to their teacher's students next year telling them what they enjoyed about being in his/her class.

Say thank you!


  1. The whole gift idea for teachers and support staff is a wonderful way to close the year for both the teacher and the students. My oldest had a similar bestowing from her 3rd graders.

  2. Seamus- I love the cards that parents and students wrote to me. I spent a year with staff beating me down because of my enthusiasm, so it was nice to hear what a difference it made to the kids and their parents. Yay for summer!

  3. I think the home baked stuff is the best idea.

  4. oooh thanks for the ideas, I'd completely forgotten about gifts....

    End of term sneaks up on you... ours is beg of July....

    Plus must make the wedding cakes for a friend...

    feel free to nag.... any ideas for a halloween wedding cake ....


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia