Sometimes I daydream about the home I would like to live in once the kids are grown and gone. I know that one day it will be just Travis, Sara, and myself. There will not be a need for the 2,500 square feet that we occupy now. Ideally I would like to go down to 1,000 square feet or maybe less. A tiny kitchen, two bedrooms, a small office, and a living area would be just right. I have never been a fan of over the top huge houses. I've always been drawn to the small cottages of England or the small apartments of New York City. I love the idea of owning less and maintaining less. But I also love the idea of having less and having more at the same time. More freedom to travel, and to do the things I have wanted to do but couldn't because of a large family or having to work and maintain the house we have now.

So for right now I dream.


  1. You and me both, sister. I also like idea of less cleaning. :)

  2. Can't go that small, you need room for the grandkids to come and stay.

  3. mcrass- Amen.

    Joeinvegas- My plan is to VISIT the grandkids...travel, plus I can leave when they start to annoy me. I am just not one of those kinds of moms- love my kids, but shoo! away from the nest!!

  4. They only need a little spot to stay, trust me. LOL

    I'm SO SO SO with you on this. I've been looking at some of the tattered but still very standing beach cabins down on Boliver for retirement for us. I had to stop looking, it was making me nuts wanting to do it NOW and we need to wait for at least one more year to start this.

    I have a big fat house, nothing fancy and we didn't set out to buy a big fat house, we just sorta found it, loved where it was at and thought, cool.....extra room. Until I had to start cleaning it. Paying to heat it. COOL IT..don't get me started lol...but I love it just the same. I do however look forward to a very very simple beach cottage in my life. My family thinks I can't do it, they have no idea.

    Anyway, thanks for these photos, this is right up my alley, that shotgun house would fit nice into my backyard.....dreams

  5. Milkmaid- Check out www.tinytexashouses.com I think you might find something you'd like : )

  6. I always thought I wanted a HUGE house, until me and my 2 kids lived with my Mom & Dad for a few years. Their house is 3,000 square feet of a lot of space to keep clean and organized with 3.5 acres of manicured property! The kids and I moved into 1,041 square feet of what became cute and easy with a big back yard. Kids grew up, I remarried and we now live in 1,600 square feet of currently remodeling/redecorating and 11.5 acres of outside trees and water to enjoy. I'd rather keep the house on the smaller side with lots of outdoor space! I think I could go much smaller, because our extra bedrooms rarely see company and when the grandkids come, they like to sleep on the floor!

  7. I have the perfect house for you in WV... literally.

  8. Kathy- I agree. My parents live in home that is over 4,000 square feet with a lot of property. It's just too much and hardly ever sees stay-over company.

    Nanner- Pictures please : )


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