Picking up the paintbrush...

Those of you who have known me for a while know that when I get stressed, or life seems like too much- I paint. Yesterday the stress of the week caught up with me and I found myself looking at walls and thinking CHANGE. I have not been happy with my bedroom walls since we painted all of our interior doors black. The room was "cake stand blue" with a chocolate brown accent wall...which looked fine when the doors were white. After painting the doors my room seemed to look like a giant bruise. Brown, blue & black. So out with the blue and in with the "white duck". Lineny, white, creamy. Love. Above are before and after pics- which looking at them the change is subtle.

The stress however, has subsided.

Also: pics of Sara's new beachy chandy : )

Up next: Laundry room redo & Anne's surfer girl room!


  1. Hey, whatever works, right? I can't believe how much your home has changed since I saw it (before you moved in...). Wow.

  2. Jammie J- Not the same house at all thanks to Ike : ) We are never finished....one project always leads into the next one. When are you coming back to Texas for a visit? : )


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