Dead & Dinner...

This page is for pictures of our weekly Dead & Dinner here at the cottage.  We are huge fans of AMC's  The Walking Dead, and get together with friends and family every Sunday night to eat dinner and watch the show.  Who knew that zombies could bring a family & friends together?

Sunday October 14th:  Dinner- Pioneer Woman's Dr.Pepper Spicy Pulled Pork sammies w/ "Wickles" (wickedly spicy pickles)  Southern style cole slaw & Sweet Tea.  Dessert- White cake with Buttercream  frosting.  Dead- Amazing first episode!  Only sad that show is now so popular that the commercial time is equal to the show time : o (

Sunday October 21st:  Dinner- Beef fajitas with all the trimmings and Chuy's creamy jalapeno sauce with chips.  Dessert- Nana's chocolate chip cookies.  Dead- Things are going so fast this season!  The group is suffering some losses and setbacks, the living are proving to be every bit as dangerous as the walkers.  Sara and I screamed at one point in the show....good times!

Sunday October 28th:  Dinner- PW's Pork chops & Apples with Cheese Grits and Green Beans.  Dessert- Sugar cookies dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in ground peppermints.  Dead- We are growing in our D & D crew!  We had 13 in our party and may add one more of Anne's friends next Sunday.  The show was good, but focused mainly on Woodbury and The Governor.  With things moving the way they are I can see where the conflict will be more between the characters and other groups instead of characters and walkers.  At some point Rick's group in the prison is going to have to meet up with The Governor, and we have already seen that he doesn't play fair.  I also think (because I read both of the books) that he is a bit psychotic.

Anne and her friends for Halloween.  Deciding to be zombies was a "no-brainer"!
Sunday, November 4th:  Dinner- PW's Meatloaf, creamy mashed potatoes & corn casserole.  Dessert- Homemade Apple pie with Vanilla Bluebell ice-cream.  Dead- Oh my goodness!  This episode had us on the edge of the sofas!  We lost two cast members and had to go back and watch the last ten minutes of the show just to make sure we saw what we thought we saw!  Cannot wait for next Sunday's episode : o )

Sunday, November 11th:  Dinner- Bacon, Chicken & Wild Rice soup, Potato soup, Beer bread, sour cream biscuits & cranberry butter.  Dessert- Ice Box cake.  Dead- A little slow getting through the show.  I really don't like the Woodbury crew.  I'd rather stay focused on Rick's group at the prison. Anxious to see where it goes next week!

Sunday, November 18th:  Dinner- Mario's Pizza, Salad & Sweet Tea.  Dessert:  White Chocolate Peppermint Mousse.  Dead- ??  A little confused after this episode.  I still think Lori is alive somewhere in the prison....

Sunday, November 25th: Dinner- Turkey paninis using all the leftovers from Thursday's dinner!  Sourdough bread with turkey, stuffing, grilled onions & mushrooms- divine : o )  Dessert: Pie of course!  Dead- Better this week....not as confusing.  I still find myself more interested in the prison group than the Woodbury group.  The Governor creeps me out!

Sunday, December 2nd: PW's lasagna, garlic bread, salad & Sweet tea.  Dessert: Italian Cream cake.  Dead:  This was the mid-season finale and so much happened!  I am going to have to go back and re-watch that episode.  All I can say is having had muscle surgery in my eyes there was one scene that made my skin crawl!  We all got a good laugh out of the McDonald's commercial for their McRib sandwich on one of the breaks.  Yuck!

Sunday, February 10th:  Dinner:  Julia Child's Pot au feu with bread & salad.  Dessert: Orange pudding with cream.  Dead:  I can't even talk about it...Daryl left the group.  I think I will wear black until he returns.

Sunday, February 17th:  Dinner:  PW's Perfect Potato Soup, Beer Bread & Dr.Pepper Bread, Salad.  Dessert:  Key Lime pie with Raspberry Sauce.  Dead:  Daryl came back!!  Also, Andrea discovered that yet again she got involved with an insane loon.  I'm pretty sure that if you want to know who the next nut-job is you can just look over and see who Andrea is cuddling up to.  Looking forward to next week's D&D!

Sunday, February 24th:  Dinner:  Grits, collards & smoked sausage casserole, fruit salad with honey, biscuits & sawmill gravy.  Dessert:  Rum strawberries with coconut macaroons.  Mimosas :)  Dead:  Ok.  What is up?  This episode was a snoozer....hoping that next week has a little more action in it!

Sunday, March 3rd:  Dinner PW's perfect lasagna, salad, Artisan bread.  Dessert:  Italian cream cake & fancy Oreos.  Dead:  Oh my goodness!   This episode seemed to get back to the feel of season one.  Maybe it was because of a certain characters return.....or the walkers and the feel of suspense.  I love that more than once we all let out a collective, "OH!" several times during the show.  Cannot wait to see what happens next week!

Sunday, March 10th:  Dinner PW's chili with all the fixins, cornbread & jalepeno bread, salad & sweet tea.  Dessert:  Homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Linzer cookies, birthday cake.  (we overdid it on dessert this week!)  Dead- Zzzzz.....huh?  Sorry, this episode was a bit of a snoozer for me.  I get that Rick and The Governor are doing their 'negotiating' thing, but seriously we could have cut to the chase on this one and gotten on with some action!  The 'love' scene in this episode was a bit senseless too, I mean if you are going to be mostly naked on the Walking Dead you should at least have some zombies show up!

Sunday, March 17th:  Dinner:  Lemon & Rosemary roasted chicken, PW's creamy mashed potatoes, roasted green beans with sea salt, ciabatta bread & sweet tea.  Dessert:  Almond & Raspberry muffins with Blue Bell Vanilla ice-cream.  Dead:  This episode had a bit more action in it than last week. Andrea has herself in a pickle....again.  The last 15 minutes were the best part of the show and we are all eager to see what happens next week!  We added William's (Sara's boyfriend) parents to our group and had a full house of teens too.  It was a fun night :)

Sunday, March 24th:  Dinner:  Chicken & Beef fajitas with all the fixins, Charro beans & Margaritas.  Dessert:  Homemade Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker crust.  We are up to 22 people for dead and dinner!  I think we may need a bigger television and some bleachers.....the show was AWESOME!  OMG!  The ending.  So sad.  So glad it wasn't Daryl ;)  Cannot wait for the season finale, but then it will be October before we get together again :(

Sunday, March 31st:  Dessert & Dead for the Season Finale of The Walking Dead.

Well, we expected some cliff hangers on this one.  Andrea is gone, Milton too.  We have no idea where the Governor and his two henchmen disappeared to.  The prison is full of older people and children.  Carl is bitter beyond his young age and we are stuck waiting until next October to find out what happens next!

Sunday, October 13, 2013- Finally!  Season 4 premiere tonight!  Dinner:  Brisket, potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob, beans & biscuits.  Dessert: Apple dumplings & vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, October 20. 2013- Banh Mi Hot Dogs, Salt & Pepper fried with onion & jalapeno, dessert: Homemade chocolate chip cookies and soft serve ice cream.

Sunday, October 27, 2013-  Beef & Chicken fajitas, Charro beans, guacamole & chips, margaritas and key lime pie for dessert.

Sunday, November 3, 2013- Breakfast for dinner!  Jalapeno egg casserole, french toast casserole, fruit salad, orange juice, dessert:  apple crisp and ice cream.

Sunday, November 10, 2013 (Travis' 44th birthday!)  Herb roasted chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots with marmalade glaze, dinner rolls, Sangria dessert:  Birthday Cake!

Sunday, November 17th, 2013- Dinner:  Spaghetti bolognese, salad, bread, Sangria & Blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, November 24th, 2013- Dinner- Shrimp & Grits, Pioneer Woman's wedge salad, cornbread, and cherry pound cake with chocolate shavings for dessert.

Sunday, December 1, 2013-  Dinner:  Spiral honey ham, marmalade carrots, green beans with tomatoes and almonds, broccoli casserole, crescent rolls with sun-dried tomatoes.  Dessert- Lots and lots of pie!
Our group is up to 12 this week.  We are sad to see the mid-season finale here.  How can a series zip by so quickly?  Really hoping they create some spin-off episodes for those of us who experience withdrawals when the season ends!

Sunday, February 9, 2014- Mid Season 4 Premiere:  OH MY!  So much fun planning the return of our favourite show.  We made a dinner of yummy beef tortilla soup with all the fixings along with Sangria.  Dessert was a lovely key lime cheesecake with Raspberry sauce.

Sunday, Februrary 16, 2014- Dinner:  Cuban sammies with homemade slaw and chips.  Sangria along with a delicious Oreo cookie cheesecake (are you seeing the cheesecake theme?)

Sunday, February 23, 2014- Dinner: Railroad Meatloaf, PW's Creamy mashed potatoes, Southern style green beans, Sweet Tea & you guessed it....Cheesecake for dessert.  Bring on the walkers!

Sunday, March 2, 2014- Dinner: Brisket, PW's baked beans, salad & cornbread.  Sweet tea and homemade cheesecake for dessert.

Sunday, March 9, 2014- Skipped because of my surgery!

Sunday, March 16, 2014-  Dinner: Chicken Spinach and cheese ravioli with homemade marinara sauce, chopped salad and crusty Italian bread.  Dessert:  homemade cheesecake and Royers sweet & salty pie.

Sunday, March 23, 2014- Dinner: PW's spicy chicken legs, mashed potatoes, candied carrots, spinach souffle & beer bread.  Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream.

Sunday, March 30, 2014-  I cannot even begin to explain the sadness over this being our last Dead & Dinner for the season.  October is a forever away, and if you've read my latest post, it may be the last D&D in our little cottage.  So here is what's for dinner tonight:  Bahn Mi Hotdogs with Salt & Pepper fries, red onion & jalapeno.  Dessert is a mystery served up by our very good friends.   It is always fun to see what they create and bring!